// Promoting Brand Awareness and Building Brands

The diverse challenges in the textile industry characterize the development of Textile Intelligence.

For textile brands, we are developing future strategies to sustain brand awareness in the long term. We support our customers in the market development, brand development and continuous product support in Europe.

For textile brands, we are developing sales and marketing in Europe with the aim of sustainably strengthening brand awareness.

Textile Intelligence develops the strategy for European markets that best suits your product and provides tailor-made concepts.


// Marketing Ingredient Brands

Our main focus is on ingredient brands such as fibers and finishes and textile effects.

In project and product management along the textile supply chain, the coordination of different business areas from planning and development, production, marketing and compliance is our core task.


// Intercultural Network in the Supply Chain

Intercultural management is essential to success, you need diplomatic communication with different countries and people.

We offer a network of experts and contacts across the globe.

We give you direct and honest feedback from the market to determine the ideal strategy and define market potential.


// Trends and Visions for Longterm Success

The latest trend information we can contribute to your strategy and create marketing stories along.

In addition, we work creatively and innovative and act with a vision for your product in order to achieve a long-term positioning in the market.

Your brand and its value increase with the communication of our specialists.