Marketing & Brand development

// Brand Awareness and Brand Positioning

Our marketing department ensures the development of your brand and its values.

That means designing and implementing advertising campaigns, the organisation of events and trade fairs.
We take care of all your communication, wheather it is working with the press, social media platforms or the training of people.
Our communication plan assures brand awareness and brand positioning.


// Product Sales Hand in Hand with Marketing

The team at Textile Intelligence offers you a direct response to market and customer needs, as we can simultaneously develop the distribution of your products and implement the marketing strategy hand in hand.


// Comprehensive, clear and direct B2B and B2C communication

We understand communication with a twofold objective: the correct positioning of the brand and the development of its market shares.

The team at Textile Intelligence has the necessary skills for the graphic, technological and commercial implementation.

The management of social networks that are directly linked to the communication strategy is particularly relevant because they allow your company to communicate directly with your end user.

In order to support the communication plans, we organize tailor-made events for maximum effectiveness of the message.