Profession for Brands

since 2000


Textile Intelligence was founded by Joscha Teubert in 2000.

Joscha has completed an education and study in the textile industry and worked for various well-known brands of women's, men's and sportswear as well as underwear. In the implementation of shop-in-shop concepts and monolabel stores, Joscha has transported the brands to the consumer in Germany as well as internationally. From Germany to Europe and Eastern Europe to the USA, China and South Korea, Joscha has established shops and marketing activities.

Shop openings in Cologne, Berlin, Poland, the Czech Republic, Shanghai and Seoul can be found in his projects.

In the USA he managed the subsidiary of a European brand for 2 years. Joscha works with, leads and trains international teams.

For various foreign brands, he has opened the German market and established a sales structure.

Success for high-value-brands and ingredient brands

Success is our passion. Dynamics, motivation, precision, efficiency and creativity is our craft.

Our contacts are there for you in the most important European markets and we use our network at the major production sites in Asia.

The requirements and expectations of the customers are at the center of our actions.

We feel responsible for the success of our business partners and deal with you honestly and openly.


Our Experience for your Brand

Since 2000 Textile Intelligence successfully designed, supervised and managed numerous projects in brand and market development as well as wholesale and retail. In-depth expertise and continuous learning provide the foundation for our joint success with our customers.

The success is based on comprehensible reasons: orientation to the customer's needs, up-to-date actions, economically management.


Accompaning Brands into the Future

Textile Intelligence stands for intelligent future concepts and emphasizes the value of the brands of our customers.

Textile Intelligence guarantees success through a variety of combinations of traditional management methods and creative, innovative sales promotion solutions.

Textile Intelligence has specific knowhow in the segments: high-value-brands and ingredient brands, hometextiles, workwear, active and premium sportswear to commercial fashion and mass market.



Textile Intelligence works with you for a safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing.

In addition to the various environmental challenges, social management in the supply chain is the focus. 

Textile Intelligence will work out the possibilities to manage your inputs in product and production and take responsible actions.

The results can be anchored in your company with training of the employees, certified for your customers and used in marketing to the end user.